What is StudiesLeak?

StudiesLeak is a place, that allows people to share educational materials, ideas and thoughts on an international level.

How to use StudiesLeak?

It is not necessary to be a registered user to explore StudiesLeak, but registration expands the possibilities (private messages to other site users; following updates; adding files, forum topics and blog posts to favorites etc).

Studiesleaks´ functionality consists of the following:

•    Uploading and downloading educational materials and other useful files;

•    Asking questions and initiating new topics in the forum;

•    Writing blogs on different subjects;

•    Sending private (non-public) messages to other site users;

•    Following user activity (recent comments, posts, blogs etc);

•     Adding files, forum topics and blog posts under favorites;

•    Searching educational materials, forum topics, blog posts and other files using a search engine.

StudiesLeak is created to allow students from all over the world to share their knowledge, experience, and educational materials. It is for primary school students, for people who have a PhD, as well as others who wish to acquire new knowledge and share their own. The main advantage of StudiesLeak over other similar sites is that sharing and donwloading files is free for all site users.

Rules and awards for uploaders

The content of the uploaded files/learning materials can not be empty, identical or useless in any other way. Studiesleak has the right to change the rules at any time without notice. If the winner is not from Estonia, the payment will be made via Paypal. In Estonia, the prize money will be transferred on the winners bank account. The winner will be contacted using the email given in Studiesleak profile.


scarfield (One of the uploaders will win 50€ in Descember.) Won at: 12.12.2014

mikk52 (Every 50 uploads gets 20€.) Won at: 04.09.2014

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